October 4th 2016

Comala Workflows 4.14 is a feature update release.

What's New

Remember Assigned Approvers

Approvals in the workflow can now be configured to remember who was assigned last time.  So if you have a workflow that revisits an approval state frequently you no longer have to reassign users each time.

See the rememberassignees on the approval macro for more information. 

Scroll Versions Integration

The 4.14 release of Comala Workflows will allow custom workflows to be used on spaces being managed with the Scroll Versions plugin.  An extra free integration plugin is also required to be installed along with Comala Workflows and Scroll Versions

Updates and Bug fixes

  • Fixed an issue where an attachment already published with a updated draft was not displayed correctly on the Confluence file preview.

API Updates

For developers building integrations on top of the Workflows API the following updates have been made in this release.

  • Workflow parameters are now visible on the workflow model object
  • A new event is fired when page workflow parameters are updated.

The version of the API that ships with this release is 1.14.0.

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