July 28th 2016

Comala Workflows 4.13 is a feature update release improving the pdf export for workflow managed pages.

What's New 


Export Pages Improvements

Page exports will now include the workflow state on the page title. The content you get in the export will now also match the page you are viewing, the draft content when viewing the draft page and the approved/published content when viewing the published version.

PDF Export

Note both of these changes apply to workflows using the within page publishing mechanism (i.e., a final state defined). 

Updates and Bug fixes

  • CQL for a state due date will now work with dates in the past.  This will require a search index rebuild to find information on existing pages.
  • Fixes a bug reading Confluence page properties containing & character.
  • All workflows must now have a name attribute, this avoids issues trying to modify and delete workflows created without a name.
  • Fix for javascript console errors that were displaying when analytics is disabled.
  • Don't show the workflow parameters possible actions if the user doesn't have permission to edit those values.
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