February 26th 2016

Comala Workflows 4.11 is a feature update release. 

What's new? 

New Workflows Visualisation

Get an idea of a workflows states and approvers quickly using the new workflows visualisation feature for Space and Global workflows; Navigate the workflow and check the workflows description, associated transitions, required approvals and their assignees, or any corresponding parameters.


More Workflow Fields in the Default Confluence Search

This release makes two new fields available for CQL searches when Comala Workflows is installed on Confluence 5.9 and above.

  • State Expiry - for states that have an expiry date in the future, filter you search by states expiring this week for example
  • State Changed Date - filter you search by the date the current state changed.  Build a search to show ageing approved pages that need an update?

Other Updates and Bug fixes

  • Fix for the display of the expiry date time within the same day on the workflow status dialog.
  • Workflow approval names are no longer added to default search text, which was showing up in the live search macro.
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