January 12th 2016

Comala Workflows 4.10 is a feature update release.

What's new?

New Workflow Status Screen

The 4.10 release of Comala Workflows brings a page new workflow status screen. This expanded status screen provides users with a better insight about the current status, and who has already reviewed or approved it.

Searching by Workflow State - Confluence 5.9

With Comala Workflows 4.10 and Confluence 5.9 you can now search by workflow state from the general search screen and from macros that support Confluence Query Language filters like content by label.


Note: If you are using Confluence 5.9 you will need to perform an index rebuild after installing the 4.10 release to enable the search suggestion functionality for the Workflow State filter to work.

Other Updates and Bug fixes

  • Updating the attachments on a page will now respect the Page Update Reset Approval configuration setting.
  • Table of Contents macro in page exports will now correctly show the contents from a published page version.
  • Fixes for some characters breaking the @page@ value reference.

Developer Info and API updates

The CQL updates to allow searching by workflow state from the Confluence search screen also adds a new field to the CQL REST API.  The field name to use isstate.

E.g to search for pages in the Draft state you could use the following call:

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