September 14, 2015

Comala Workflows 4.9 is a feature update release.

What's new?

Multiple Workflow Labels

Workflows can now have multiple labels associated with them, allowing for more complex triggering conditions.  A new invertlabel parameter has also been added, so you can prevent a workflow from applying to a page with a given label as well. 

See the Workflow macro documentation for more details on these new parameters.

Reset State Expiry Date

A new trigger action has been added that allows you to change the expiry date of a state, but leave all other information (like approvals and assignees) in place.

This will make it easier to use the state expiry trigger to send reminders, but not require jumping to a new state to be reset back again.

See the documentation for the set-state-expiry macro for more information. 

Space Parameter Editing Improvements

We've moved the space parameters to a new tab so they won't be confused with the space configuration settings.  As part of this change, the UI has been freshened up, which should improve the experience when there are many parameters that can be edited.


Other Updates and Bug fixes

  • Approve and Reject Comments can now be made mandatory via a global configuration item.
  • Workflow report bug fixes for sorting by state and duedate
  • Functionality to override the include page and excerpt include is no longer 'beta', and is enabled by default for new installs.

API Updates

For developers building on top of the Workflows API, the version has been updated to 1.11.0 in this release.  The following changes are included:

  • New methods to get approvers and pending approvers through the StateApproval object.
  • Updates associated with the set-state-expiry trigger action, allowing a due date to be changed that doesn't validate the change due date condition.
  • Updates associated with multiple workflow labels.



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