May 20, 2015

Comala Workflows 4.7 is a feature update release.

What's new?

Page Export Improvements

PDF and Word page exports now output the published version of a page if a workflow is configured with a 'final' state.  This also applies to whole space exports for PDFs.   As part of this update we have also applied the workflow headers and footers to page exports.

Approvals Can Ignore Page Updates

A much requested feature, approvals that require multiple people to sign off  can now be configured to not be revoked if the underlying page is updated.  You'll find this new setting in Workflows global configuration, it can also be overridden at an individual space level. 

Other Updates and Bug fixes

  • When a workflow is active space administrators will be prevented from removing historic page versions.  This will stop the workflow history being corrupted.
  • The workflow audit logging will now log page trash and removal events for pages that have a workflow applied.
  • When viewed on a published workflow page, the page-activity macro will now display only the activity that occurred up until the page was published.
  • Several older content macros (RenderWithLatest, Attachments and Embed) have been deprecated.  These were all previously used to get the right content to display on a published workflow page but have not actually been required for several releases.  From this release onwards they will no longer be available in the macro browser.  Existing usage will continue to work but you should plan to remove these as they will eventually be removed from the plugin.

Compatibility Notes

  • Customers who use Workflows in conjunction with the Scroll Office plugin from K15t, please note that the changes to the Workflows PDF export will override the workflow export configuration in the Scroll Office plugin.  We are working with K15t to provide an update that will allow both plugins to work together for those who require PDF export customisation.


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