December 1, 2014

Comala Workflows 4.5 is a feature release adding the ability to directly set the expiry date on a state.

What's new?

Change State Expiry Dates

Users can now change the state expiry dates from the Comala Workflows menu.

To have users change the expiry date of a state, simply add the new changeduedate=true parameter to your state definition.  States can still have the automatic expiry date set through the duedate parameter, however when used with changeduedate=true, it means states can have an automatic expiry date that can be changed later on by users.

We have also added a default email notification to email all page watchers whenever a state expires.


New set-restrictions action macro 

We have added a new set-restrictions macro to make it easier to remove all existing page restrictions and add new page restrictions at the same time and to work around some Confluence changes.  We recommend you use this macro whenever you remove and then add restrictions in the same trigger to ensure the restrictions are properly updated and no errors occur.

Moving Pages and Page Updates

Moving pages will no longer change the state of pages linking to the moved page, nor will it change the state of the moved page.  Additionally, renaming pages will no longer cause pages linking to the renamed page to change workflow state.  The renamed page will still change states as that creates a new page version.  These improvements should prevent any future system page updates that do not create a new page version from changing the page state.  User edits and other updates that create new page versions will still change page states as specified in your workflow.

Compatibility Updates

This version of Comala Workflows removes support for Confluence 4.2.  It will still support Confluence 4.3 and above.  Please be aware that this may be the last feature release of Comala Workflows to support Confluence 4.3 as Atlassian is ending support for Confluence 4.3 on January 29, 2015.

Other Updates and Bug fixes

  • Added support for Gliffy Diagrams to show the correct version when viewing the published version of a page.  Editing the diagram from the published view will edit the latest version of the diagram.  When viewing the published version, links in the diagram may not be in the right location if they have been moved since the page was published.  We are working with Gliffy to resolve this in a future version.
  • Added default email notifications when uncompleted tasks reach their expiry date.
  • Use of the admin override or space initialization features to change states are now recorded and displayed in the workflow activity reports.
  • The workflow header and footer will no longer be shown to users who cannot see drafts on pages that do not yet have a published version.
  • Fixed keyboard arrow keys so they scroll through the user list when assigning approvals and tasks.
  • Fixed the Share dropdown to stop it from moving offscreen after selecting a user in the documentation theme.
  • Fixed the task note parameter when adding tasks in the workflow


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