July 22, 2015

Comala Workflows 4.8 is a feature update release.

What's new? 

New Workflow Administration User Interface

The 4.8 release brings a refreshed workflow administration interface. 


  • We've removed the old, clunky workflow editor for Global and Space workflows. For anything other than the simplest workflow, you would normally have to dive into the workflow markup, so we've improved and simplified that process as much as possible.
  • Global workflow templates can now be added directly, without needing to promote templates from the Space Admin page first.

Expiry Trigger Custom Action Changes

Actions performed by triggers on state expiry or a task due date will now be recorded in the activity log as being performed by Comala Workflows rather than the most recent user to update.  This is a change to the way expiry triggers worked previously and we recommend validating any workflows that have custom state expiry or task due date trigger actions on a test environment before upgrading a production system.

Other Updates and Bug fixes

  • Space workflows that become invalid due to another plugin being disabled will now be displayed and allow editing.
  • Approvals that are assigned in the current state, but inactive due to conditions will now not appear in the assigned user's dashboard report.
  • New value reference pendingusers for assigned users that haven't approved or rejected an approval that can be used in a trigger.
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