February 5, 2015

Comala Workflows 4.6 is a feature and compatibility update release.


What's new? 

Everyone Can now Approve

A much requested change, any user that can see draft versions is now able to approve a page.  This means you can send approvals to users that may not actually be editors on the page itself.

Audit Logging Admin Events

Comala Workflows now has the option to log all changes to the global and space workflow configuration to assist with standards compliance.  This can be enabled by Confluence administrators under Workflow Configuration. 

Compatibility Updates

This version of Comala Workflows removes support for Confluence 5.3 and below.  It requires Confluence 5.4 or above.

Other Updates and Bug fixes

  • Workflow Report macro defaults to display all states if a state is not specified.
  • Fixed Task report when usernames were sometimes getting truncated.


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