Vancouver, BC - February 9, 2015, Comala Technology Solutions Inc (Comalatech) has acquired Keinoby Software Lab S.L. (Keinoby) from Spain, in a undisclosed cash transaction.  With this deal, Comalatech, a top-ranked Atlassian add-on vendor, will complement and extend its portfolio of products that help Atlassian JIRA and Atlassian Confluence users better organize, visualize and share content.

Comala Workflows and Publishing for Confluence help improve the way organizations create, review and publish content with powerful workflows and approvals.  Comala Canvas for JIRA allows users to visualize their projects and manage issues by simply dragging them across customizable boards.  Trusted by financial, health, software and other organizations subject to formal processes and regulations, Comalatech has over 2,000 customers in over 30 countries, and is the recipient of multiple awards from Atlassian.

Comalatech acquires all Keinoby's products along with team members Gorka Puente, Founder and product designer, and Juan Arias, software architect.

Roberto Dominguez, Comalatech's Founder & CEO: "We're very happy to welcome Gorka and Juan, as they share our vision to broaden Confluence's horizons, and provide new and engaging experiences for Atlassian users.  Their products are a natural fit for Comalatech: Yoikee Creator provides simple ways to create and organize content visually, fitting well alongside Comalatech's Canvas products, and Share Attachments and Pages is a natural extension to our publishing model.  Furthermore, the team's experience serving Atlassian customers helps us engage with the Atlassian Ecosystem, and their location increases our European presence."

Gorka and Juan have extensive insight and experience building tools for Confluence.  They will be tasked to incorporate the Keinoby tools into the Comalatech portfolio, as well as to explore new innovation areas and build out product concepts.

Gorka: "Juan and I love to innovate, and we're pumped at the potential of joining a bigger team to help get our more fundamental ideas into practice.  We are excited to be joining such a proven, ground-breaking firm, especially one that already has a presence in Spain."

About Comalatech

In 2014, Comalatech made Spain its European base of operations alongside Australia and Canada.  Comalatech is a recognized leader in the Atlassian Ecosystem, featuring products for Confluence and JIRA, and customers ranging from small startups to large-scale, distributed Fortune 50 enterprises. With customers across demanding industries such as Finance, Legal and Health, Comalatech is a trusted name.

Comalatech also partners with dozens of Atlassian Experts around the globe for resale, training, and consultancy in local languages. To learn more about our partners, or to become a partner, please visit:

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