August 22, 2014

Comala Workflows 4.4 introduces a new add-on name and branding along with some feature updates.

What's new?

Say hello to Comala Workflows.  Same great add-on, new name and logo.

We are changing the name of our add-ons to make it easier to identify Comalatech add-ons in the Atlassian marketplace.  Ad hoc Workflows will now be known as Comala Workflows.  All existing licenses are still valid and integrations with other add-ons like Comala Publishing will work as before.  If you already have Ad hoc Workflows installed, the upgrade will be available through the Manage Add-ons page as normal.

Notification Improvements

Email notification settings can now be set for each space, rather than just globally.  Now workflow administrators can override the default notifications for their spaces without affecting other spaces, allowing them to use custom email notifications, while the other spaces can keep using the default email notifications.

Other Updates and Bug fixes

  • Improved page responsiveness when using space workflows that are linked to global workflow templates.
  • Fixed an error that was happening when adding new restrictions after clearing all the restrictions in the same trigger.
  • Added support for adding and removing restrictions on blog posts, which was added in Confluence 5.6.
  • Added date and datetime value references for all triggers, which will allow it to be saved as metadata, included in emails, etc
  • Added methods to the Workflows API to retrieve the current approvals and to get the assignees for those approvals.
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