October 29, 2014

Comala Workflows 4.4.2 is a bug fix and minor improvements release.

Improvements and Bug fixes

  • Improves the message shown to users who can only see published versions when they go to a page without a published version.
  • The links in the approvals type Workflow Report have been fixed.
  • Clicking on the notification icon that is shown on the workflows menu button will now activate the menu.
  • API: Added methods to get the workflow page header, page footer, and workflows menu HTML to allow for better theme integration.

New Experimental Feature - Include Page macros support for published pages

We have added support for including full content and excerpts of published content when using the Include Page and Excerpt Include macros. Up until now, if a page included content from pages subject to workflows, it would include the content from the latest version of the page, whether it was the published version or not. 

To enable this new experimental feature, it must first be enabled on the Workflows "Configuration" page in the global Confluence Admin.  Next, it will need to be enabled in each space on the Workflows "Configuration" page in the Space Admin.  No other changes are needed, you can continue to use the built-in Confluence macros and Comala Workflows will automatically show the published content.

As this is currently beta functionality, we'd love to get your feedback if you have the opportunity to try it out.

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